Monday, September 3, 2012

Lily's First Day of School

Lily started Kindergarten on September 4th.  Her teacher is Mrs. Ridge and she goes half-time.  Here she is leaving the house on the first morning.  So sweet!
She really enjoyed her first day.  She really enjoyed music class and told me all about the different instruments they got to try out.  She loved recess and was happy to find Charlie (another boy in our neighborhood) to play with.  She said they have 3 recesses!

She enjoyed playing horses with the other kids in class during open play.  She said they used the rope from the letter bead lacing area to tie up their horses.  She told me her horse was hit by a train and broke all of its legs, but the daddy horse (who can fly, of course) came and saved her.  She said she talked to another girl and said, "Hi." to her and that the other girl said, "Hi" back.  Then they practiced sharing and saying thank you.

She was relieved that there were stools for the drinking fountains.  She learned that all the workers necklaces (lanyards with ID badge) and that they can help her.

She told me that she cried a couple of times during they day.  Once during lunch - she didn't know where to line up with her class and because she took too long to eat and had to throw away her chocolate pudding cup.  The second time when her teacher put her on the wrong bus to come home.

Fortunately, her teacher called me shortly after putting her on the wrong bus and told me that Lily really wanted to ride a different bus (her correct bus) but that she had a different bus listed from the school.  I told her teacher that Lily had been right and now was on the wrong bus, so she had me call the other school's office (the buses all go to the other elementary school to pick up more kids before they start their routes). I called and they tried to radio the bus Lily was on, but of course that bus' radio didn't work.  So they ran outside and got her off the wrong bus and brought her to the office so I could go and pick her up.  Lily was really worried that I wouldn't be able to find that caused a few tears.  I got their super fast and picked her up and cracked some jokes to help her feel better.  The next bus ride won't be so traumatic.

She said that nobody called her a crybaby when she cried, they just tried to make it better.  That made me really happy to hear.

So...the first day was great, with a few hiccups, and I'm sure she's going to have a really fun year in kindergarten!

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