Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jeff's Mustache and New Office

Since Jeff took these pictures, you all deserve to see them.  He'll regret it later....I'll  make sure that he never grows another mustache.

And here's the view from his new office building.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet girl

Claire is starting to outgrow her nap so sometimes she'll skip a day our fall asleep close to dinner time.  One day she fell asleep on me and it was so sweet. She just doesn't hold still enough these days.  It reminded me of when she was a baby.

Preparation Fair

Puyallup had a preoaration fair that was announced at church so we decided to go.  The fact that they had free bike helmets for the kids was a big draw.  The girls favorite parts were the fire truck and the life flight helicopter.  I thought it was good to learn what to do if a volcano erupts (since we live closer to one now).

Claire loves eggnog

I hate eggnog, but Jeff loves it.  He decided he needed to teach our girls to enjoy it too.  They both love it and ask for it whenever they see it in the fridge.

Black Friday

The day after thanksgiving we didn't do a lot of shopping (thanks to walmart opening on thanksgiving night).  We spent the day with the Cheney's and went swimming and ate pizza.

That night we decided to go get our christmas tree and return my library books.  The library was all blocked off so we asked the police officer what was going on and he told us that Sumner was having their annual christmas bridge lighting at dark (so 5pm).  We decided to go spur of the moment.

We enjoyed the free hot chocolate and the fireworks after the bridge was lit.


We had a great thanksgiving with friends this year.  Each family brought a few dishes and pies to contribute.  We made the turkey and it was so juicy and good!

Jeff is growing out a moustache for november for men's cancer awareness.  He and I both can't wait until december so he can shave it off!