Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Robin...the saga continues

Well, the dinosaur and tiger were just a minor distraction to the birds.  the next day we found the tiger topped on his side (and we know the wind didn't do it).  The triceratops wasn't quite as lucky....he had been pushed off the edge if the pillar, plummeting to his death (if he'd been alive).  In his place, on top of the pillar, was a nice new nest.

We know these robins mean business, but we are not backing down!

I didn't want to do it, but I felt we had no other option...we hammered nails through a board to make spikes to put on top of the pillars.  I've seen similar things used to deter pigeons from businesses.  I didn't want to hurt the birds, but I definitely don't want to be spending my summer cleaning up bird poop.  I thought for sure this would work.

Well, this morning when I came downstairs,  there were the robins....in a nice new nest, on to of the spikes.  It didn't even phase them!

Jeff has some more ideas up his sleeve...hopefully something works!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We have a cute little robin family that really wants to nest on our front porch.  I really like robins, but not when they try to take over my home.  We have been battling nature since we moved into our house a year ago with the woodpeckers, moles, and bees.  The robins are the last straw.

We noticed their nest about a month ago and decided to take it down since it was empty.  My dad assured me that the robins would renest.  We recently found they had renested.....in the exact same spot! Jeff put his old stinky lawn-mowing shoes on their nesting ledge hoping that his smell would scare them away (it would have worked with me).  But they just came back today and started building their nest on top of his shoe!

We decided to try to scare them away with some wildlife of our own.  We put a tiger on one ledge and a triceratops on the other ledge.  I sure hope this works!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tea Party

To celebrate birthdays, a couple of good friends and I got together to have a tea party.  In Sumner (a nearby town) they have the Secret Garden Tea Room where you can get a full service tea.  I had never done this before and it was so much fun!  We had a steamy pot of hot cocoa and then they brought out scones with raspberry jam, lemon curd, and cream. Yum!  Then they brought out a tiered tray with warm savory appetizers, tea sandwiches, fruit, and mini desserts.  I would love to take Lily here when she gets a little bit older and have a mother-daughter date.