Sunday, September 9, 2012

Claire's Birthday Party

Claire turned 3 in July, but since most of her friends were traveling over the summer, we postponed her birthday party until school started.  We had 6 little girls come, which was a good turnout.  The party was "ballet" themed.  Claire just started dance lessons and is really into it right now.

We started by coloring a picture of a ballerina.

Then we had a mini-ballet class with a "real" ballerina.  The ballerina was a young woman from our ward at church.  She taught them some ballet steps and had them practice the moves.

Lovely pointed toes!

Then we had birthday cake.  I made a rose cake that I saw on Pinterest and it turned out pretty good!  Claire had asked for this cake and I think she really liked it.  She managed to stick her finger in the frosting before I could take a picture or cut the cake.

After cake, I gave each of the girls a ribbon wand that I'd made for them.  They danced and really enjoyed those ribbon wands.  Fortunately no one hit anyone else.  I was a little nervous when I saw them whipping them around.  We also did freeze dance, ballerina may I? (like mother may I?), and ballerina says (like Simon says).

After the games it was time to open presents.  Claire really liked everything she got and was sure to tell each girl "thank you" and give them hugs.

Happy Birthday, Claire!


  1. Ok, I tried to decorate Kaitlyn's birthday cake like that and FAILED miserably. Yours looks amazing! Cute pictures!