Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lily 's first piano recital

 Yesterday was Lily's first piano recital.  She did a great job and played both of her recital pieces perfectly.  It was just her and Kade and Jaron McIntosh.  James Lear is her piano teacher.  They had the recital at the Lear's house which is really beautiful and overlooks Lake Tapps.

I thought it was funny that Kade and Jaron each played a primary song, but not Lily.  James tried to get her interested in a couple, but she wouldn't learn them.  It's really hard to get Lily to do something she's not interested in.  So she just played 2 Suzuki songs (Honeybee and Cuckoo). She really practiced hard to get her pieces just right.  I was so proud of her.

2nd funny thing...I thought it would be great to have warm apple crisp and ice cream afterwards.  James said the recital would be about 30 minutes ago I thought I'd be smart and cook the apple crisp at their house during the recital so it would be hot.  Well James was of on the time by about 20 minutes so the crisp has to keep cooking and people choose other desserts.  I had a ton left over. But on a good note, the house smelled delicious and like fall.

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  1. Hoorah for Lily's recital and the Tahlia's apple crisp! Congrats by the way on Baby Dallin! Sorry, I've been out of the loop. Love you all! -Joey